Original poem by Ali Abu-Atieh (Age 16)

my country is Palestine,
filled with olives like flowing gold;
Israel, built on our home remains,
with colonial aims it holds.

they stole our land in 48' —
murdering masses through these dates —
what are people silent about? …

On February 7th and 14th, AMP-MN and Jewish Voices For Peace (JVP) teamed up to host a virtual “movie screening” and discussion on The Lobby, Al-Jazeera’s documentary which exposes the Zionist lobby’s influence campaign targeting Palestine Advocacy in the US. Al-Jazeera commissioned an undercover investigation of the lobby’s various branches…

Community Member Submission
Writing and photography by Nausheena Hussain.

Anxiety at the pit of my belly as I get pulled aside for increased security at Ben Gurion Airport.

Blessed for all the amenities and security I have- home, family, money, food, clothing

Confused how anyone of a faith can oppress…

Community Member Submission by Leena Yassin

I got into writing for the stage during the fall of 2009, having just recently entered middle school. It’s somewhat an odd age to begin given that all that I read up until that point was mundanely prim and formulaic, bound by rules and…

There is an international campaign to #boycottpillsbury. What’s the story?

The Context

In February of 2020, the United Nations published a list of companies violating Palestinian rights like facilitating the construction, expansion or maintenance of Israeli settlements or the demolition of Palestinian housing and property. The United Nations named General Mills, a…

American Muslims for Palestine - MN

We educate and empower our community around Palestine. Every day is a day closer to a free Palestine ✌️

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