AMP-MN Hosts Once Upon a Palestine Youth Summer Camp!

Recently, AMP-MN put on a weekend youth summer program entitled Once Upon a Palestine. The camp was centered around the theme of storytelling and owning the Palestine narrative. The first day kicked off with a BBQ and bonfire to bring together the youth participants and their families.

On the second day, students examined different forms of storytelling. From the social media accounts of El-Kurd siblings to watching the Oscar-nominated film “The Present’’, students had the opportunity to see and discuss these different and creative ways of getting the Palestine story out to the world. Students also had a session on combating Zionist myths and how current and historical figures use their faith to fight for justice. The day ended with a field trip to a Deir Yassin memorial in Minneapolis. Students were able to see and discuss how commemoration pieces, along with the surrounding art, can be used as other forms of storytelling.

The following day, it was the students’ turn to create and share their Palestine story. They put their skills to the test in a fishbowl activity in which they got to take turns debating someone role-playing a Zionist advocate. Students then showcased their stories in various forms ranging from art to poetry, to skits, to videos. The pieces were engaging, powerful, and very creative. Most importantly, this activity (and the trip overall) helped cultivate a closer sense of community. It enhanced the youth’s sense of identity and confidence in sharing the story of their family and motherland.

Three students filmed an original skit portraying Israel’s detainment of children.
One student drew his own symbolic image of a person with Palestine flags reflected in their eyes.
Two students performed original spoken word poetry on the contrast between Israeli propaganda and the reality facing Palestinians.

This story was reposted from AMP National’s new blog.

We educate and empower our community around Palestine. Every day is a day closer to a free Palestine ✌️