Original poem by Ali Abu-Atieh (Age 16)

Artist: Dalya Moumina

my country is Palestine,
filled with olives like flowing gold;
Israel, built on our home remains,
with colonial aims it holds.

they stole our land in 48' —
murdering masses through these dates —
what are people silent about?
why even now, is there still doubt?

the US, their biggest funder,
paying for bombs and army gear;
airstrikes like “honorable” thunder,
and children constantly in fear.

yet we stand dignified and firm,
with support, we define their term,
and soon, Israel, you shall learn:
by the millions, we WILL return.

Ali Abu-Atieh is 16 years old and has been born and raised in Minnesota. He started writing poems during this recent pandemic as a way to express his opinions on certain topics or just appreciate the nature around him. He appreciates how poems are not limited to traditional grammar rules and how expressive they may be, and this idea of creative and free writing was attractive to him.